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Jessica casually mentioned to me at one point in our meeting that they had an “in” and could get private ice time at the Golden Knight’s practice facility. I guess it helps that they are both avid hockey fans and that, oh by the way, Greg is a hockey player. If you don’t know much about the Golden Knights, then you probably aren’t from Vegas, but go look up their story! They recently finished their very FIRST SEASON and they made it to the STANLY CUP! Thats as far as you can get in Hockey. They didn’t win the Stanley cup, but dude, their first season and they came in second out of EVERYBODY.

Anyways, all of Vegas has become hockey fans so this was a big deal. We still planned an entire session in Mount Charleston, and got amazing pictures, but these hockey pictures are whats going to keep me talking about this engagement session for years to come.


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Oh Florida! How I love thee! I seriously have the best life ever where I get to live in Las Vegas where there is incredible food, inspiring desert landscapes, and all of my family. But I get to travel to Florida every 1-2 months, sometimes for weeks at a time, while I shoot with greenery and water, and I get to visit and shoot at Disney World! Seriously, I am so lucky! And Ashley and Derek’s wedding happened to fall on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so we used that excuse to book a 1 week cruise with my entire family for Thanksgiving.

Did I mention how lucky I am?

But seriously, you don’t even know, because I get to work with the most amazing couples ever, like Ashley and Derek! They are the sweetest! They don’t need many words for you to understand that or understand how perfect they are for each other. I am so honored to have been a part of their love story.


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Aly and Kyle came to their engagement session thinking I would be just posing them, telling them to smile, and taking there pictures over and over for an hour. They didn’t know that I would have prompts including some ridiculous prompts that would have everyone laughing or that I would make them play games. Thankfully they seemed to trust me and the pictures we got made everything worth it! And actually, we all had a ton of fun. Nobody is ever prepared for how much fun we end up having at our photoshoots.


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Having lived and worked in the 2 top tourist destinations in the US, I have come to love not only local couples, but also couples from out of town coming to have their destination wedding. I love how this social event turns into a multi-day celebration! Shelley and Bo’s wedding was no exception. They got married at the BEAUTIFUL Wynn hotel and walked across the street to Maggianos for their reception, where they had some incredible food and lots of laughs and dancing. Their wedding day was truly a wonderful event and I am so happy for them!


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So honestly, if I were just a professional photographer in this situation, the title would read “Caroline + Christian Proposal” but Tanner is my little brother, and although we do call him by his middle name, I just can’t bring myself to call him by Christian ever. So even though to the rest of the world he is Christian, he will probably forever be “Tanner” to me and my family and those who grew up with him.
2018-12-28_0123pintopinterestI’m not shy to jump in and help with a proposal, so after I got to go ring shopping with Tanner to pick out Caroline’s engagement ring (I went ring shopping with Caroline the week before to learn what she likes, but Tanner found this ring all on his own!), I pitched a couple proposal ideas and together came up with this plan. We would set up a photoshoot where he would propose. But we needed to keep it a surprise.2018-12-28_0124pintopinterest

Tanner is like most guys and isn’t some big fan of getting his photos taken for an hour, so we needed a plan. So I posted on my personal facebook account lying about a previously scheduled client who cancelled last minute leaving me left with paying the location fees and nobody to take pictures of and asked if there was a couple who could fill in. I even tagged a few couples in the post after rivately messaging them and asking them to reply that they were busy, it was great.2018-12-28_0126pintopinterest

It took a few hours, but when Caroline responded that she could, my heart skipped a beat. We were on! She was even nervous to have to tell Tanner what she signed them up for, but to her surprise, he didn’t fight it.
2018-12-28_0127pintopinterestI told them to pick 2 outfits. We did a few pictures in the first outfit, then while Caroline was changing into the second outfit, we went over our plan. The next pose I would do, Tanner would stop, then walk over to my camera bag and pull out the ring. I’m so glad that I was there to capture the entire moment!


As you can imagine, the second half of this session had even more genuine smiles than the first half! Plus Tanner was a bit less nervous.



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