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Victoria and Gabe set a record for me, longest gap between their engagement session and wedding. When they e-mailed me asking for their wedding, I was caught off guard, I thought they had planned and had their Pennsylvania wedding without me already. So when they told me they wanted to fly me to Pennsylvania to shoot their wedding that they were going all out for, I was beyond thrilled! Their engagement session was one of the few sessions I got to do at Hollywood Studios before they got rid of streets of America and so it holds a special place in my heart!

And so does their wedding now! We already developed a love for Pennsylvania after Sarah and Corey’s wedding a couple years previous, but this wedding adventure developed my deep love for the philadelphia area! I love how welcoming everyone was and by the end of this wedding, I felt like an honorary member of the family! What an amazing celebration and I am honored to have been a part of it with Victoria and Gabe and their families!



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When I got the wedding inquiry from Lyndsi and Jeff, I had some suspicions that it may be a spam. It just seemed too good to be true. They were having a wedding, in a month, in the most beautiful Mount Charleston venue! Oh, and they are both acrobats who will be doing an aerial performance in leu of a first dance at their circus themed wedding.

But to my delight, they met with me shortly after their initial inquiry and they were real! And we hit it off immediately and got their engagement session planned right away! I jumped at the idea when they suggested doing acrobats for their engagement session, and they could have a horse that Lyndsi rides there too!?!

This engagement session was definitely a first for me and brought new shots I had never attempted before. For the first time, I wold be shooting upwards for a majority of a session. Plus I had no idea what they would be doing once they got up there. I had to share a bit of the control and that mixed with a bit of the unknown had me a little nervous before the session. But once they got up there and I saw how beautifully they performed, it instantly clicked and I jumped into work. We worked together to get some beautiful performance shots while also getting in those romantic engagement shots. It was magic for sure!


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Aly has that type A personality that I share and get along with so well. Her organization was on point! Everything was planned out to the minute and everybody knew what to do and where to be and when. The day went so smoothly and everyone was so stress-free and just enjoyed themselves. Aly seriously picked the most gorgeous venues in Boulder City. Seriously, you need to check out the Forge Social house if you are planning a wedding in the Las Vegas area. And maybe, Aly can help you plan your wedding. Oh, did I mention, she’s a new up and coming wedding planner!


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Jessica casually mentioned to me at one point in our meeting that they had an “in” and could get private ice time at the Golden Knight’s practice facility. I guess it helps that they are both avid hockey fans and that, oh by the way, Greg is a hockey player. If you don’t know much about the Golden Knights, then you probably aren’t from Vegas, but go look up their story! They recently finished their very FIRST SEASON and they made it to the STANLY CUP! Thats as far as you can get in Hockey. They didn’t win the Stanley cup, but dude, their first season and they came in second out of EVERYBODY.

Anyways, all of Vegas has become hockey fans so this was a big deal. We still planned an entire session in Mount Charleston, and got amazing pictures, but these hockey pictures are whats going to keep me talking about this engagement session for years to come.


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Oh Florida! How I love thee! I seriously have the best life ever where I get to live in Las Vegas where there is incredible food, inspiring desert landscapes, and all of my family. But I get to travel to Florida every 1-2 months, sometimes for weeks at a time, while I shoot with greenery and water, and I get to visit and shoot at Disney World! Seriously, I am so lucky! And Ashley and Derek’s wedding happened to fall on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so we used that excuse to book a 1 week cruise with my entire family for Thanksgiving.

Did I mention how lucky I am?

But seriously, you don’t even know, because I get to work with the most amazing couples ever, like Ashley and Derek! They are the sweetest! They don’t need many words for you to understand that or understand how perfect they are for each other. I am so honored to have been a part of their love story.


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