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I was not willing to be my little brother’s wedding photographer. That sounds mean when I put it that way, but guys, I want to attend the wedding, be a bridesmaid, you know? But that doesn’t mean I can’t spoil them with all the pictures! Wedding days are hectic and limited to where we can go for pictures, but if you have your first look months before your wedding, then the options are endless! So we decided on Mount Charleston for their first look.


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Elora and Colby’s love story gives me goosebumps when I think about them. Seriously, just seeing them together makes me so happy!

I have known Elora since I was a kid and we went to school together. She was in the grade above me, and I remember her and Colby being friends from back then. They did their own things after school. They had their own separate stories. Elora hired me for another engagement session that ended before the wedding, then she came to Europe with Casie and me and a group of photographers we showed around Paris.

I’ve had a high level of respect and admiration for Elora that has only grown as I’ve gotten to know her more and more and I’m so happy for Elora and Colby and their love story!

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Ashleigh’s inquiry didn’t stand out other than sounding like an amazing wedding at beautiful venues. But her second e-mail did when she asked me “You look really familiar! Did you go to Lamping Elementary School? If you did, I think we used to be really good friends…in the 4th or 5th grade maybe?”

YES! This is my childhood best friend from 4th and 5th grade! As you can see, we lost touch after that, but what an amazing opportunity! We reconnected right away and I am so happy that I got to be a part of her wedding day. I can tell than she and Eric really love each other and I wouldn’t have been happy to see her with anyone less than him. They also just love their daughter who is just the cutest thing! I’m so happy for them and this beautiful life they have already built!


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I just love spending a full day with a bride and groom; from the time the start getting ready until the reception ends and the run through sparklers to their getaway car. It’s such a special day and to be the one who gets to spend each of those special moments with the bride and groom is such an honor! I feel like I have this exclusive and sought after behind the scenes, backstage pass to the wedding. And even if we’ve never met, if we’ve spent your entire wedding day together, we will know each other well by the end of the day!

This job gives me the opportunity to become friends with these amazing couples. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so lucky to have such amazing couples like Catherine and Oswald. Even on their wedding day, a day all about them where they totally have a pass to be a diva, they still are so kind and care about everyone else’s well being. Watching them through the day, especially surrounded by family at their reception, you can tell they are deeply loved and thats definitely no surprise.

This reception kept me busy getting with so many shots of this couple and their guests having a blast! So be sure to click below to see even more of these fun highlight photos including photos from the reception and exit.

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This is unheard of by many couples, but I’m so excited to do it each time I’m asked. Elora and Colby had their First Look, a month before their wedding! This gave us the opportunity to dedicate an entire evening to photos and get photos in a location they wouldn’t have been able to on their wedding day. Yes, this can be done after the wedding too, but having it before the wedding allows for it to be a special moment with a less stressful first look. Plus they get to use the photos for the wedding!

They are having a winter themed wedding, so we went up to Mount Charleston to see if we could find any last traces of remaining snow. We lucked out and found this beautiful spot with a couple patches of snow.

On our way into the mountain, when we were just about to get there, Elora and her mom realized, we forgot the bouquet! So together we used our surroundings and found dead things nature provided to us to make our DIY mountain bouquet!


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