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  • McKenzie Stewart is an Award Winning Photographer based in Las Vegas, NV. Partnered with her husband Ben, McKenzie and Ben work as a team, complementing each others talents, to provide the very best for your Wedding Day.
  • Elora + Colby Bridal Session

    This is unheard of by many couples, but I’m so excited to do it each time I’m asked. Elora and Colby had their First Look, a month before their wedding! This gave us the opportunity to dedicate an entire

    Lyndsi + Jeff Wedding

    It sometimes takes moving away to understand how beautiful a place is. I grew up in Las Vegas and loved traveling and seeing beautiful new places. I never saw Las Vegas as beautiful. Then when I moved to Florida, I

    Adelina Headshots

    I always jump at the opportunity to meet another photographer, especially new photographers looking to branch out in the field. So when Adelina posted looking for another photographer to swap photos with (thanks to

    Victoria + Gabe Wedding

    Victoria and Gabe set a record for me, longest gap between their engagement session and wedding. When they e-mailed me asking for their wedding, I was caught off guard, I thought they had planned and had their

    Lyndsi + Jeff Engagements

    When I got the wedding inquiry from Lyndsi and Jeff, I had some suspicions that it may be a spam. It just seemed too good to be true. They were having a wedding, in a month, in the most beautiful Mount Charleston venue!

    Aly + Kyle Wedding

    Aly has that type A personality that I share and get along with so well. Her organization was on point! Everything was planned out to the minute and everybody knew what to do and where to be and when. The day went so

    Jessica + Greg Engagements

    Jessica casually mentioned to me at one point in our meeting that they had an “in” and could get private ice time at the Golden Knight’s practice facility. I guess it helps that they are both avid

    Ashley + Derek Wedding

    Oh Florida! How I love thee! I seriously have the best life ever where I get to live in Las Vegas where there is incredible food, inspiring desert landscapes, and all of my family. But I get to travel to Florida every

    Aly + Kyle Engagements

    Aly and Kyle came to their engagement session thinking I would be just posing them, telling them to smile, and taking there pictures over and over for an hour. They didn’t know that I would have prompts including

    Shelley + Bo Wedding

    Having lived and worked in the 2 top tourist destinations in the US, I have come to love not only local couples, but also couples from out of town coming to have their destination wedding. I love how this social event

    Caroline + Tanner Proposal

    So honestly, if I were just a professional photographer in this situation, the title would read “Caroline + Christian Proposal” but Tanner is my little brother, and although we do call him by his middle

    Shelley + Bo Engagement Session

    Oh how I love a Calico Basin engagement session! It took moving away from Las Vegas to the swamps of Florida for me to understand and appreciate the beauty of the desert and how many amazing sites we have just outside

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McKenzie Stewart Weddings is an award winning Lifestyle Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, NV serving Southern Nevada, Central Florida, and across the globe. McKenzie specializes in Weddings and all wedding related shoots.